“The truth about Government seized and surplus cars, homes and merchandise…”

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Everyday various Government entities sell surplus cars, homes and merchandise for ­pennies on the dollar. A lot of folks pick up some fantastic deals on stuff they would otherwise pay full retail for. While others scoop up various items and then flip them for huge profits. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads: “Police auction! Government […]

The 5 Most Common Ways a Realtor “Could” Cost you $15,000.00 or more when buying or selling your home…

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“The thing to understand about working with a Realtor is that every $10,000 they drop the price of your home only costs them about $150.” “Research has shown that every time a Realtor sells their home they get MORE money for it (on average…)” This tendency can be extremely costly to you. Because for the […]

“Incredible FBI Tactic to get the truth about the reliability of any car, computer or appliance before you buy it…”

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Frank Abagnale started his career as a con ­artist at the young age of 15. His first victim was his own father. His crimes escalated quickly to include—by the time he was 19—numerous instances of bank and check fraud along with months of impersonating an airline pilot, an attorney, and more. As a fake commercial […]

“The biggest mistake you DON’T want to make after getting into a car accident…”

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What’s the #1 mistake that people make after getting in an accident? Here it is: “I’m sorry, it was my fault.” What may seem like the polite thing to say and do could actually lead to more problems down the road. For starters, by admitting fault up front you have eliminated the possibility that the […]