“Financial Planner reveals how to turn $3 a day into $50,000.00 with your mortgage…”

Did you know there’s a guaranteed way to turn $3 a day into $50,000 if you have a mortgage, and your credit score doesn’t matter?

What would $50,000 mean to you?

How would $50,000 change your life?

And what about later in life when you are nearing retirement?

Would $50,000 matter then?

If you are like most folks, $50K is real money and if you can find a way to grab it, you will.

Well, by utilizing as little as $3 a day can add up to a whopping $50,000 grand savings.

Did you know 99% of America does NOT know how much interest they are paying for their mortgage?

I challenge you.

Ask anyone the total amount of interest they will pay after paying off their mortgage (whether in seven years or 30 years) and most won’t be able to tell you.

The same is true with credit cards.

And this ignorance is why the bankers live lavishly while others clip coupons.

Ask yourself, how much interest did you pay last year?

Even last month!

The fact is, most people don’t keep up with how much interest they are paying.

They just struggle to crack their monthly nut, keep their head above water and hope their clunker of a car rolls for at least another year.

Mortgage interest is front loaded. For as much as the first 20 years of having a mortgage, over half of the payment goes towards ­interest.

For the first 7 to 10 years, 75% to 80% of your payment goes towards interest.

As you can imagine, these numbers (which most people ignore) can really start to add up:

But here’s the thing.

All that interest is based on the amount of remaining principal.

If you can lower the principal, even by a seemingly insignificant amount, it can have a dramatic impact on the amount of interest you pay over the term

So answer this one simple question:
is $100 per month worth $50,000.00?

Can you spare $100 per month if it was GUARANTEED to turn into $50,000.00 with zero risk?

You can easily do it by using one of two simple strategies to lower the principal on your mortgage.

Real Cash Secrets:
Savings Strategy 1

Strategy 1 is very simple and the most powerful.

  1. Pay an extra $100 per month towards your mortgage.
  2. Be sure to indicate that the extra payment is to go towards PRINCIPAL.
  3. Because you are reducing the amount of principal on which you are paying interest, you can knock tens of thousands off the total interest over the life of the loan.

Here’s how the numbers play out:

On a $200,000 mortgage…


Normal Payment            $245,657.00                 0.00

Normal Payment + 100       $192,501.00           $53,156.00

On a $200,000 mortgage at 6.3% interest you would normally pay a total of $445,657.00 for your home ($245,657.00 in interest).

By adding an extra $100 per month to your mortgage payment as an “extra principal payment”, you will lower the amount of interest you pay over the course of the loan to $192,501.

That’s a total savings of $53,156.00 with only $3 a day! Imagine if you did $5?

Here’s how that would look.

On a $200,000 mortgage…


Normal Payment            $245,657.00                 0.00

Normal Payment + 150       $174,454.00           $71,230.00

It’s best to use this strategy when you have extra money to put towards your mortgage, have steady income, and are relatively certain you won’t be moving in the next few years.

But what if you are afraid to tie up all that money in your home? What if you’d rather keep your money out of your home for a while, “just in case”?

Then apply strategy #2.

Real Cash Secrets:
Savings Strategy 2

If you can spare an extra $100 per month but are hesitant to put the money directly towards your mortgage right now, consider this strategy as a viable money-saving alternative.

By doing so you could save up to $35,000 on mortgage interest and turn your $100 into $35,000! Here’s how it works:

  1. Put your extra principal payment of $100 each month into CDs, a high yield savings account, or similar investment tool.
  2. Save up for 10 years, and make a lump sum principal payment at that time. By then you can probably be relatively sure that you won’t be moving or need the money soon.
  3. By making the lump sum principal payment at the 10 year mark and no later, you can knock a big chunk off the mortgage interest you’ll pay.

Here’s how the magic of interest works for you.

On a $200,000 mortgage at 6.3% you would normally pay $245,660 in interest alone.

When you save $100 per month in a savings account for 10 years, you keep your money and add interest to it.

At 6% interest, $100 per month saved over 10 years ends up being $16,569.87.

$100 Per Month at 6% Interest…

                      YEAR                                                          TOTAL VALUE

             1                               $1,339.72

             2                               $2,655.91

             3                               $4,053.28

             4                               $5,536.83

             5                               $7,111.89

             6                               $8,784.09

             7                             $10,559.43

             8                             $12,444.27

             9                             $14,445.36

            10                            $16,569.87

When you make a lump sum principal payment for that amount, at that time, towards your mortgage, the interest you pay in the end will be approximately $210,000 instead of $245,660.

You will have turned your $100 into $35,000!

This strategy is perfect when you want to hang onto your money as long as you can, “just in case” you need it.

If you think you might move in the next few years or your job situation is unpredictable, this is a safe and worthwhile method to save you a ton of money but still allow you to hang on to your cash as a backup as long as you need to.

Two Quick and Easy Ways to Come Up with $100 per Month!

If you’re wondering about how you might come up with an extra $100 per month to put towards your mortgage, I’ve got two quick strategies that will apply to many if not most people reading this.

Strategy #1: Make your own coffee (or tea, or latte, etc.) at home. Many people don’t even think about the fact that they spend $4, $5, or $6 per day at Starbuck or the local coffee shop—and they don’t realize that if they only saved that money and made their own (better) coffee they could turn $100 into $50,000 in mortgage savings!

Strategy #2: Raise your insurance deductibles. Many people will be able to come up with $100 per month extra by just adjusting their home and auto insurance policies.

Some also adjust their tax withholding on their paycheck and take a smaller refund each tax season, after all you can make more investing what you have now versus giving the government a free loan for a year.

Either strategy can help to get you what you need—and then some—to implement what you’ve just learned in this report.

The key to using your mortgage to turn $100 into $35,000.00 or even $50,000.00 is your ability to think “long term”.

You’ve got to think ahead!

Look at it as a gift from the “current” you to the “future” you.

Do you think you can benefit from not throwing away that $50,000.00 in interest?

You better believe you can.

And you will if you take the simple steps needed to make these strategies work.

And they will!

This is the easiest, simplest most risk-free guaranteed way to turn $100 into $50,000.00 you’ll ever find.

It’s almost like going to a horse race and knowing in advance which horse is ­going to win!

NOTE: This report was excerpted from the “Real Cash Secrets” Home Study Course.

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