"Do You Know These 158
Real Cash Secrets?"

The Official
"Real Cash Secrets"
Home Study Course
by Zodi Publishing



Hang on to your laptop, tablet or smart phone and get ready for some good news... because I'm going to share a true story (which might change your life.)

If you believe me, you will be well rewarded.

If you don't, then I will make it worth your while to change your mind. 

(More on that in a moment...)

But first, we need to see if we agree on something.

And that is... the definition of a secret.

Because too many people abuse the word (with things like...)


Health Secrets!

Money Secrets!

Insurance Secrets!


Dog Training Secrets!


And 98% of the time it's all LIES and NON-SENSE...

Because advertisers won't hesitate to waste your time.

But this is something I will NOT do.


Because I intend to treat you the way I would like to be treated.

So, let's see if we agree...

"If something is NOT
commonly known
by 98% of America
can we AGREE
it is a secret?"


Then here's a quick story..

"How Mike changed his life 
in less than a year
from the
Real Cash Secrets
Home Study Course."

Like most of us, Mike had his life turned upside down in the last economic recession.

Little did he know, one idea would turn it around.

Because of a down economy and failed business opportunities, Mike found himself sleeping on an "inflatable mattress" in a friends living room.

Then, as a last ditch effort, he did the unthinkable... he took a job selling cars (a position he hated.)

Obviously, Mike was stressed and not sleeping well. He admitted (more than once) he felt like "a total wreck."

I could tell he was not only desperate... but scared.

Then, one evening (while drinking heavily) he pleaded to me, saying...

"If I don't sell MORE they'll fire me!"

I calmly replied...


"Relax, I know a way you can
sell DOZENS of Trucks
and SUV's..."


He was all ears...

And that's when I shared "the idea" which changed his life.


I told him:


"Listen... in 1914 the IRS Tax Code and regulations were about 400 pages. But today, they're over 74,000 pages.

But within that code, there's a secret most business owners DON'T know.

The secret is called 'Section 179' and you can sell a ton of Trucks and SUV's with it.

Because it allows a business owner to buy a qualifying new Truck or SUV and... WRITE OFF 100% OF THE EXPENSE in their current tax year.

This means if your customer is in a 35% tax bracket, they are essentially getting $10,500.00 from the IRS when they buy their new truck or SUV for $30,000... (after the write off.)

...and obviously, you can sell a ton of Trucks and SUV's to business owners who don't know about it.

All you have to do is mail your past customers a letter explaining it... and your phone will 'ring off the hook' with people looking to buy a new Truck or SUV because of the write off..."


Of course (after this) Mike couldn't sleep all night.

The next day, he was skeptical and fearful of the idea (interesting how some people fear success as much as failure...)

So, we went over the details and facts on the IRS website.

And, about a week later...


"Mike mailed a letter
to their past customers
and they sold $1.8 MILLION
in Trucks and SUV's
in LESS than a year."


To say Mike became "a hero" at work would be an understatement.

Because not only did he make a lot of money.

More importantly, he received something money can't buy.

And that is...




Respect from his coworkers...

Respect from his boss.



"Respect from the owner
of the dealership."


But this isn't a story about getting respect.

Because that's not my point.

My point is... by the end of this letter (for reasons we will cover) you might be able to create your own life changing story... faster than you think.

...and guess what?

It could end up being better than Mike's.


"Because ONE IDEA
from the
Real Cash Secrets
Home Study Course
can  change your outlook on life,


But as stated earlier... this isn't about getting respect. 

Because this is about the power of knowledge...

And, how discovering things you don't know can quickly change your life.


"My story is strange but..."


Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated with the power of information.

More specifically, how a secret can allow someone who is not smart (or motivated) to rocket past everyone around them.

Here's a quick example...

While in High School I met a kid named Matt who "had it all..."

He had a killer car... a gorgeous girlfriend... and (always) a pocket full of cash.

In my eyes, he was very successful.

But a lot of kids hated him (for one reason.)


"He had
what they lusted for..."


Matt had the car, the girl, and... the CASH.

But what baffled me about his accomplishments, was the way he ignored everything I had been taught about success.

Because Matt was not smart... and, he was not super motivated (in fact, I worked harder than him.)

And, to top it off...

He drank beer. Smoked weed. And even (on occasion) cut class.

But Matt had the car, the girl and, the cash (...and I didn't.)

Which begs the question...


"What made the difference?"


The difference was... Matt didn't need to be smart or motivated to be successful.

Because he had something which trumped all that.

He had something (the rest of us) didn't. And that was...


"One great idea..."


Yes, Matt's success came down to one thing.

And that was, one great idea. And, it was so simple, it will shock you.

Here's how it worked...

Matt invented a "genius way" to buy cars wholesale without a dealers' license (remember, we were just kids.)

And, the way he did it was simple...

In those days, there was a magazine published weekly which listed all the cars for sale in our region.


"Matt's secret
was knowing where
the publication
was printed..."


Because the "genius" part was this...

...each week he would go to the printer and get the publication before it was delivered (to hundreds of locations.)

He would then scan it looking for cars priced under market value.

Then, he would be the first to call the sellers and buy their vehicles.

He would then "resell" the cars (earning a tidy profit.)

He did this for years... even after High School. In fact, it became a full-time business for him.

And (as usual), he always had a nice car, a gorgeous girlfriend, and... a pocket full of cash.

But you're probably asking...


"What's the point?"


The point is...

If you want to get ahead in life, being smart and working hard is fine.

But, it will never beat the power... of one great idea.


"Because those making
10 times more than you
are NOT working 10 times
harder than you."


The difference is... they know something you don't.

But today, this can change.

Because you have an opportunity...

The opportunity to purchase (for pennies on the dollar...) what cost me over $38,500.00 to research, write, edit and publish.

Let me explain.

Some time ago I got a crazy idea.

The idea was to create a giant manual full of "Real Cash Secrets."

I started with almost 400.

Then, we trimmed the list to the "best of the best..." which would apply to our customers.

And, after all was said and done...


"We ended up with
158 Real Cash Secrets"


The most difficult part was the cost.

Because researching, writing and editing is NOT cheap (nor fast.)

Especially when you want quality content to "wow" your customer.

Let me give you an example...

Let's say I paid you $25 an hour (because good writers and researchers cost more than that.)

And, let's say it took an average of 8 hours to research, write and edit ONE SECRET... that would be $200 per secret. Now, multiply that times 158...


"The total is $31,600!"


And, you would still have to spend thousands of dollars in layout, design, graphics, final editing and cover design (not to mention creating audio files.)

You get the idea.

The point is...


"I invested over $38,500 
to create a 1.6 pound manual
containing 158
Real Cash Secrets..."


Before I share the list of secrets, let me BE CLEAR that not every secret will apply to you. But...

It takes only one secret to change your life.

Because you can never underestimate the power of "one great idea..."

Here are three examples.


Back in 1952 Helen Barnett Diserens got rich inventing "roll on" deodorant.

But what almost nobody knows, is...

...the invention "appeared" to her one evening.

She looked at a BALL POINT PEN (while writing) and saw the obvious...

The "ball point" technology could be transferred to solve the problem of applying deodorant, because (at the time...) deodorant was applied like face cream.

And bingo... roll-on deodorant was "invented" and the market grew 1,000% in less than 10 years (along with her fortune.)

But inventing isn't easy.

So, here's a story of simple cleverness...


Network or multi-level marketing is tough business. Research by Dr. Jon M. Taylor, Phd, MBA shows less than 1% make money (this means over 99% fail to clear a profit.)

Let's face it... the products cost double what stores charge and you're trying to build a "downline" of sales people.

Because these days...

"Who wants to be in SALES?"

But Thomas is one of those rare stories of a guy who "beat the system" and went on to earn over $120,000 per year in Network Marketing.

More impressive than his success... is HOW he did it.

Back in the day, Network Marketing distributors used to run ads in national magazines like Entrepreneur, Success and Fast Company etc.

And these ads usually included a 1-800 number (remember, this was before the internet.)

What Thomas noticed, was many of these ads would be placed and later the distributors would quit... or, the company would go bankrupt.

As a result, he would see ads STILL RUNNING with 1-800 numbers which were disconnected!

One day (while at work) he got a "crazy" idea...


"If he could have the calls
from those disconnected
1-800 numbers
directed to HIS OWN
1-800 NUMBER...
...he would instantly receive
FREE advertising
and FREE leads
for his business!"


With a little "leg work..." Thomas figured out how to redirect calls from disconnected 1-800 numbers to his own number.

Thomas would then scan magazines looking for "business opportunity" ads with disconnected 1-800 numbers.

In some cases, he would find "full page ads" in magazines like Entrepreneur with a disconnected 1-800 number (which he would take over.)

At the time...


"A full page ad in
Entrepreneur magazine
cost over $16,000!"


By learning how to take over disconnected 1-800 numbers... he was getting tens of thousands of dollars in FREE ADVERTISING in a matter of months.

It wasn't long before Thomas had so many leads coming in for "zero ad cost..." he began selling them to his downline... creating another income stream.

In fact, this "one idea" was the secret to his success.



"This one idea took him from
a day job to full time
...earning over $120,000 a year in Network Marketing..."


Do you understand the power of "one idea..."

....and how fast it could change your life?

Here's another one...


In 1995 (as many were getting their first email address) Marc Ostrofsky bought the domain name Business.com for $150,000.

48 months later...


"He sold it for $7.5 Million
and was set for life."


Then (in 2007) it sold again... for $345 million.

Welcome to the world of "electronic" real estate. And the best part... you can get started for under $20.



Pizza.com sold for
$2.6 Million

Vodka.com sold for
$3 Million


But many people have created basic domain names and sold them for handsome profits.

Even the domain name StoryRoad.com is rumored to have sold for $15,000 (despite the originator paying only $15 for it.)

And domains like SecondIncomeConsultants.com have sold for up to $3,200.

The exciting part is... you don't have to be young, smart (or even motivated) to get started  flipping domain names.

Because the real secret you need, is...

...one great idea.


"And that's what the
"Real Cash Secrets"
Home Study Course
is all about.

It's published in
large 8.5 x 11 format
and weighs 1.6 pounds...
...containing over 131,000
words of pure meat
with no fluff (and no filler.)"


Remember, not every secret will apply to you... but there's enough to change your entire outlook on life overnight (or your money back.) Because...


"Below is what cost over
to research, write, edit,
design and layout into the
'Real Cash Secrets'
home study course."


Obviously, it's depressing to imagine all you've missed out on. But the good news is, what you can GAIN from this day forward, with...


"Fast Start Secrets, like..."


  • How to get up to $1,700 in credit card rewards points using your good credit
  • Math teacher reveals how to instantly reduce your debt up to $2,500.00 in 30 minutes with a telephone
  • 8 magic words anyone can use to save $8,000.00 in 4 years or less
  • Ex-Geico employee reveals how to save up to $300 to $600 per year on insurance


  • The one secret most miss to making money with a home based business
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  • The one proven way to get PAID to clean your house
  • City worker reveals legal way to save thousands in property taxes
  • Secret IRS Program gives taxpayers up to $8,000.00 to go back to school
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  • 6 ways to a larger social security check
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  • up to $4,000.00 per month from home as an employment recruiter
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  • up to $48,000.00 per year working from home. Startup cost: $850


"Now, imagine the money,
fame and appreciation
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Free Money Secrets, like..."


  • Over 1 billion dollars in veterans’ benefits go unclaimed each year
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  • How to receive free financial aid to learn or improve your computer skills
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"76% of America 
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Now you can have
the inside information
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Debt and Credit Secrets,


  • Credit Card Secret: How to get a low introductory rate extended
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  • LBF TECHNIQUE: proven to help you pay off all your bills faster
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  • OVERFLOW METHOD: Why the Overflow Method is simple to understand and can be used to pay off most types of debt, such as Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Auto Loans, Student Loans, Mortgages and HELOCS


  • THE RR STRATEGY: Why this strategy requires no extra money to help you pay off bills faster but why you don’t want to use it by itself
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  • Thinking about credit counseling? Think again after you read this section


"If you've ever imagined
having the power
to help people
save thousands of dollars
with a simple conversation...
think no more.
Because now you can...
Money Saving Secrets, like..."


  • Energy consultant reveals secret to save up to $1,800 per year on utilities
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Doctors and Medical
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Health Secrets, like..."


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Consumer Protection
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Real Estate and Mortgage
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  • The scariest secret you need to know about HOA's which 99% miss
  • The 5 most common ways your realtor can cost you $15,000.00 or more
  • Eight secrets you need to know BEFORE signing up for a reverse mortgage
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  • Why you must understand the "Rule of 9" before buying or selling a home


"Shut down the biggest
'know-it-all' in your family
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Tax Secrets, like..."


  • The biggest tax deduction 98% of America is missing
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  • Accountant Reveals the Painful Truth about the Mortgage Tax Deduction That Many Homeowners Miss


"The only thing
worse than failure...
is to live with the regret
you did NOT try."


My offer is simple as 1, 2, 3.


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  3. Apply as many secrets as you wish. And, if you don't feel the program is worth more than your money's worth (in your own opinion) return it within 30 days from the date received... for a full refund less shipping and handling.




"If you're not happy
then I'm not happy.
Because the last thing
America needs...
...is more unhappy people."


But I almost forgot.

If I don't persuade you to invest in yourself today...

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Hopefully (you...) are different.

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Insider Report #1:
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Earlier I told you about Mike and how he did $1.8 Million in less than a year with one letter which I helped him create. This report expands on the topic and...

I provide a reprint of a "four page letter" which mailed for 28 years and brought in $2.2 Billion. If this report doesn't blow your mind, then I don't know what will...


Insider Report #2:
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A friend of mine has been earning a full-time income in a unique business for nearly 18 years.

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Start up cost is low... but you will need to be comfortable talking to people and asking questions.

There is little competition in this business and it is perfect to start on a limited budget.


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If you live in a decent size city and would like to use your computer to earn a second income... then this report is for you.

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You simply buy low and sell high.

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So there you have it.

But again...


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