“The $10,000.00 coffee secret Starbucks (and cafes) don’t want you to know…”

Here’s something that keeps the stockholders of Starbucks rolling in dough while you count pennies to deposit.

For starters, let’s talk about the cost of those fancy coffee drinks.

They often cost in the $3 to $5 range.

At $4 average per cup, just one fancy coffee drink every day, 5 days a week, for a year (minus 2 weeks for vacation and most people drink-up then too), you will spend about $1,000 just for coffee in a single year!

Add it up over time.

5 years = $5,000!

How about you start pocketing all that cash?

Instead of pulling up again and again at Starbucks, do the following.

High priced coffee consists of espresso and milk.

Some add chocolate or other flavorings, but the core ingredients are espresso and milk.

A latte is espresso, filled up to the top with milk.

Mocha usually is the same thing, with Chocolate added.

Next time you roll into Starbucks, just order a shot of espresso in a to-go cup, and use the milk and chocolate at the self-serve bar to make your own expensive coffee, for HALF THE PRICE!

Here is what to say when ordering…

…“I’ll have 2 shots over ice with room for cream.”

(Then head to the condiment counter for some milk.)

We could also add…

…“I’ll have a large Americano with room for cream.”

(Again, head to the condiment counter and add what you want.)

If you were paying $1,000 a year before to grab your daily java fix, then doing this will save you about $500 per year ($41.67 per month).

Make Espresso Drinks at Home

Did you know the fancy coffee sold at places like Starbucks isn’t necessarily the best coffee you can get?

To add to their bottom line, you are often drinking a very acidic and usually pesticide-ridden, mass produced bean.

A bag of some of the best organic coffee you’ll find will cost about $15 even at Whole Foods, and buying just two of those bags a month, you’ll still be saving lots of money while consuming a much better blend!

But I like espressos and lattes!

Then make it at home with these three things:

  • A Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker
  • An Aerolatte Milk Frother
  • A Copco eco-friendly to-go coffee cup

You can get them ALL for around $50 bucks, the equivalent of around 10 trips to Starbucks.

With these three tools, and buying the best ­organic coffee available, you can make some of the best coffee you’ve ever enjoyed.

And not only will you save big time, you’re consuming a much healthier, organically produced product.

Think about it: you’ll pocket over $600 a year, while eliminating the pesticides from your ­coffee… you’ve got yourself a real life-and-money-saver!

Don’t think organic coffee is a big deal?

Think again. Coffee is the most toxic crop in the world, making the pesticides on the fruit that you insist on washing look like a health tonic.

If you are concerned enough to wash your fruits and veggies, then you should pay close attention to the coffee you drink!

If you want to get the scoop on healthy ­coffee, do a search for “HealthyRoast®”, U.S. patent #6723368.

You’ll be amazed at the high quality, organic, great tasting coffee drinks that you can make at home.

It just takes a little effort, and you’ll be healthier while saving $40 or more a month!

And what about your time?

From the moment you pull into the parking lot to the time you leave every cafe, let’s just say it takes you 15 minutes per day, 5 days a week to feed your coffee cravings.

That’s 60 hours a year just for grabbing ­coffee.

A work week and a half!

If you’re spending $1,000 and 60 hours each year just for mediocre coffee that could ultimately have negative effects on your health, you need to think long and hard about what you are doing.

A good friend of mine used to spend $2000 per year going to Starbucks every day and sometimes twice a day.

On top of that, add in the time wasted and gas to drive back and forth.

I kept telling him “you need to get an espresso machine!

Do you realize in 10 years an espresso machine would put an easy 20 grand in your pocket?”

He thought for a minute and a few weeks later a brand-new $600 Breville espresso machine arrived at his house.

And if you like how your coffee tastes with the $79 espresso machines many people have, well you haven’t tasted coffee like my friend can make at home now.

Even though the high-end machine costs $600, it was paid for in 3 months by avoiding Starbucks!

NOTE: This report was excerpted from the “Real Cash Secrets” home study course.

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