“The truth about Government seized and surplus cars, homes and merchandise…”

Everyday various Government entities sell surplus cars, homes and merchandise for ­pennies on the dollar.

A lot of folks pick up some fantastic deals on stuff they would otherwise pay full retail for.

While others scoop up various items and then flip them for huge profits.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads:

“Police auction!
Government seized cars!”

However, many are come-ons for scam artists taking advantage of simple information you don’t know.

Here’s the truth about buying surplus and seized merchandise from the Government.

There are multiple websites used by police departments, sheriffs, and other municipal agencies for the purpose of auctioning off stolen, seized, and surplus goods.

Here is the first example:


This is an auction website (not my favorite) that contracts with police and other municipal agencies around the country to auction off stolen/seized/surplus goods.

It’s kind of like the eBay for police and government agencies.

It works like any other auction website.

You bid against other users, and if you have the ­winning bid you will pay shipping/handling and your bid price.

TIP: Even Better Deals on Real Estate, Cars, and More Can Be Found By Digging Deeper!

Here’s another website portal ­offering Government property.

And then there are state and local sites (even better) you can access here…

Snap Up Souvenirs, Books, Gifts and Collectibles Here:

And Don’t Forget To Check Out Individual Federal Agencies Here:

You may also call 1-800-333-4636 8am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

Surprisingly, some people have been able to earn a full-time living just buying and selling government seized and surplus merchandise.

If you do your research, you too can profit by flipping Government merchandise.

“The HARDER the website is to find the BETTER deals you will find!”

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