Mike Caruana P.O. Box 8175 Van Nuys CA 91409 Wachter Leveraged Income System

Mike Caruana
P.O. Box 8175
Van Nuys Ca 91409
Wachter Leveraged Income System

If you’re on this page you are either a customer of our “Real Cash Secrets” Home Study Course or… someone interested in learning about Mike Caruana and the “Wachter Leverage Income System” Van Nuys Ca 91409.

One of the five free bonuses we offer with the “Real Cash Secrets” Home Study Course is our “Opportunity Review Service.” The service is designed to help consumers investigating “Home Business Opportunities” save thousands of dollars in both time and money.

As a result, each month, we receive dozens of Home Business Opportunities from customers who are curious to learn about these offers before investing their time and money. Today, Mike Caruana and the Wachter Leveraged Income System Van Nuys Ca 91409 are being covered.

The following is our detailed synopsis regarding Mike Caruana, the Wachter Leverage Income System and, the package being sold in the direct mail offer seen below.



In this case of the above direct mail solicitation, we have inside knowledge. Because we have both purchased and reviewed the program (in detail.)

Obviously, if you are reading this and considering a purchase, you’re at an advantage (more on that in a moment.)


If you want to study a professionally written “business opportunity” direct mail package… this is a great one. Because this package is in the TOP 2% of all business opportunity direct mail written.

With that said… if Mike Caruana wrote this piece on the Wachter Leveraged Income System… he probably saved himself $7,500.00 to $15,000.00. Because that’s what it would cost to create a 6 page direct mail letter of this caliber. Yes, killer response pulling direct mail is very expensive to create.

Like any killer direct mail letter, the “opener” or initial copy, is the most critical. And this letter was done by a master. Here is the subhead and headline the letter opens with…

If you lack creativity, knowledge, or money required to generate a lucrative cash flow in today’s economy and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life making someone else rich, or you simply just need more money right now, then discover…

“How You Can Use The Wachter Leveraged Income System & Receive Monthly Royalty Income Without Inventing, Developing, Licensing, or Selling Anything… Ever!

Obviously, a blockbuster of a headline when mailing to the business opportunity market. Again, this is a top notch professionally written direct mail package. And, quality writing like this is NOT cheap.

Of course, the opening body copy builds on the killer headline and is the work of a pro. Here is the opening body of the letter…

Dear <FirstName>,

Who doesn’t like the idea of doing something once and getting paid on it forever?

George Foreman agreed to let a grill company use his name and peaked at $4.5 million dollars a month in royalties. In 1999 Salton Inc paid him $137 Million Dollars. That’s more than he ever made boxing and he doesn’t risk taking a blow to the face or getting his ear bit off.

One of the most famous bands of all-time, Aerosmith, made more money letting people pretend to play their music than playing it themselves, thanks to royalties from the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith rhythm action game.

Madonna raked in $125 Million Dollars in royalties last year alone.

Michael Jordan has made more money from wearing Nike’s than playing basketball.

In 2009, fifty of Steven Spielberg’s $85 Million Dollar earnings came from royalties on Universal Theme Parks (which he has to do nothing to collect).

Not many people heard of  EL James until she wrote Fifity Shades of Grey. Last year she raked in a cool $95 Million Dollars in royalties.

You’re probably thinking, “That all sounds great, but I’m not a famous person that can lend my name to someone. I can’t sing, I can’t write, I can’t act, I don’t have the creativity to come up with a great idea or product, and I certainly don’t have the money and knowledge to develop it if I did.”

And it’s perfectly normal to feel that way.

You might have never heard of Kevin Lehman, but he used the Wachter Leveraged Income System to go from having to borrow money for food to generating a royalty income that amassed $120 Million Dollars over a ten year period.

Holton Buggs pulled down $1,300,000 in a single month using the Wachter Leveraged Income System. He too reaps a monthly royalty income and did not invent, develop, produce, or license anything to get started.

(…Letter Continues)

The offer goes on to explain how changing technology (such as Apple, Amazon and Netflix) modernized entire industries while sending billion dollar brands to the dust bin.

Then, the offer ties into Lottery Players and how people will not give up their addiction to PowerBall and Mega Millions tickets.

The letter goes on to explain how the “Wachter Leveraged Income System” can help ordinary people (like you) capitalize on the growing trend of Lottery Players. And, how you can do it starting with little money and very part-time.

The offer carries on (in world class Copywriting fashion) the benefits and value of the “Wachter Leveraged Income System.” Of course, it wraps up with a…

“Iron-Clad One Year Satisfaction Guarantee!”

NO questions asked. Because if you act within 48 hours, the Wachter Leveraged Income System can be yours for only $37 postpaid. Well…

We Ordered the Wachter Leveraged Income System…

And like any great “blind” business opportunity offer, we had no idea what we were going to receive in the mail. But in this case… that turned out to be a good thing. Because the shipping was fast (think First Class Mail.)

What we received in the mail was a professionally written book nearly 100 pages long with some bonus materials, plus… a direct phone number to Mike Caruana and his office if we had questions or concerns. Now…

If you own our “Real Cash Secrets” Home Study Course you already know we are NOT big fans of network marketing (aka multi-level marketing.)

But whether we like it or not… the network marketing industry does billions in the United States and is here to stay.

We just feel the industry has a lot of problems and needs to “evolve” if it is going to be more effective at the solution it is offering consumers.

Now, with that said (before we proceed) please understand…

We do NOT know Mike Caruana.
We are NOT affiliated with Mike Caruana.
We do NOT receive any compensation from Mike Caruana, and
We are NOT big fans of network marketing, but…

We could NOT put Mike Caruana’s story about the Wachter Leveraged Income System down and… we read the entire package the same day we received it!

We even shared it with a few friends who read the whole thing non-stop and were impressed as much as we were.

What Mike Caruana and the Wachter Leveraged Income System is about…

First, if you hate advertising, marketing, and especially network marketing, then this package is not for you. But, if you love network marketing or, are even remotely open to the concept… then this package for only $37 will deliver MORE than your money’s worth.

Because in under 100 pages, Mike Caruana shares his life story about finding success in network marketing but… his approach to network marketing is wildly different, creative and effective. In fact, he “almost” had us rethinking our feelings on network marketing (yes, it’s that good.)

You see, Mike Caruana is incredibly smart. He is an ex dentist. But not only did he graduate dental school (at a horrendous cost.) He went on to open his own dental practice from scratch (at an expense of hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

But while going to dental school, he worked in a pharmacy and was exposed to network marketing and “caught” the network marketing bug.

Years later, after dealing with all the stress of running a dental practice… he walked away from it to focus solely on his network marketing business.

What makes Mike Caruana unique is he has invented a different approach to network marketing which you rarely see anymore.

Again, we are not big fans of network marketing because we feel the industry has a lot of problems and needs to EVOLVE to better serve it’s purpose. But…

Mike Caruana is a RARE network marketer who is working to EVOLVE the network marketing industry

In the book, Mike talks about all the flaws with network marketing and how he has worked hard over the years to create a system to overcome them.

Even more fascinating, is the connection Mike makes to attaching his network marketing “system” (the Wachter Leveraged Income System essentially) to the growing trend of Lottery Players in the United States.

Mike goes on to show that Lottery Ticket sales have been INCREASING… even during an economic downturn.

And while we receive information about dozens of network marketing opportunities… we had never before heard of the company Mike connected to his system.

Despite this network marketing company being in business over 20 years.

That was a bit of a shock because we hear about dozens of MLM’s and network marketing opportunities each month.

Again, we are NOT big fans of network marketing. But Mike Caruana and the Wachter Leveraged Income System he sells is THE BEST thing we have seen which is working to EVOLVE the current system of network marketing into a better place.

With the package you get to learn from a 20+ year network marketing veteran who has created a unique system for building a network marketing business by capitalize on multiple trends (from lottery players to groceries and travel and more.)

The book is a fascinating read and we couldn’t put it down.

The network marketing profession will improve if more people like Mike Caruana get involved with it.

If we were passionate about network marketing… Mike Caruana would be the man to follow and learn from. Because…

He is an expert on the subject of network marketing and creating a unique system to help larger numbers of ordinary people succeed.

If you love network marketing… buy the program. You will be impressed. It is a fascinating story and an incredible marketing education about a former dentist applying his smarts to make network marketing better and help more people find success in the industry.

If you hate network marketing and are open to other options… then grab your free copy of “13 Real Cash Secrets” by Clicking Here.


We do NOT know Mike Caruana.
We are NOT affiliated with Mike Caruana.
We do NOT receive any compensation from Mike Caruana, and..
We are NOT big fans of network marketing.

But if you love network marketing and want to learn from a master with 20+ years in the trenches who is working to improve the industry, then… Mike Caruana and the Wachter Leveraged Income System is a package worth buying and studying at least 5 times.

To grab your FREE copy of “13 Real Cash Secrets…” Please CLICK HERE.

Till next time…

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